The Estate

      Haut-Chaigneau's birth
Le temple du vin

After having exploited JANINE CHATONNET - born DELCOMBEL - family's estate, situated in the commune of Montagne-St Emilion, at the place known as "Trançon", where, as usual at that time, vineyards used to be next to orchards, André and Janine CHATONNET decided in 1967 to buy an in ruins estate of about 12ha vineyards in the commune of Néac, at the place known as "Chaigneau", in the Lalande de Pomerol appellation. Owner of a flourishing business of fertilisers and vineyard products, which where sold in 1991 to an important cereal-growing group, Janine and especially André used to grew this vineyard the week-ends as a hobby, besides their main business.

This site has a real but little-known long-standing history."Chaigneau" is a hamlet which included several farms, properties of André Garde, the Royal Notary of Néac. He ownes an important property in the commune of St-Emilion and writes a diary that we later used. He makes profits by managing his property.

By buying the "métairie de Chaigneau" he specializes his property in the field of wine. It is a clear sign : he makes an empirical selection of the best soils and as Chaigneau offers him great satisfactions throughout higher quality wines and regular incomes, he decides to increase the size of his estate.


The estate nowadays

The buildings, designed in an ancient style, following André Chatonnet's will, the decoration, work of art of Janine Chatonnet, the equipment by Christian Chartres, the frescos by Michel Brosseau,a painter, well-known in Bordeaux for his oenological paintings. Everything has been designed and built in dedication to the wine. The huge reception room, where the ranks of the barrels under the vaults of the underground storehouse can be marveled at, is this main symbol.

As a consequence, the Haut-Chaigneau wines are regularly awarded and well-marked by the best international critics.

In order to increase the fame of the appellation wines, André Chatonnet has founded the Baillis de Lalande de Pomerol, a modern embodiment of the bailiffs from the Middle-Ages under the Malta Knights command, the protectors of the Christian pilgrims to St Jacques de Compostelle, and who became nowadays the "protectors" and the "pilgrims" of Lalande de Pomerol all over the world.

"Producing some higher quality wine is not enough, it is essential to develop its fame first.
An important work of communication has to be done, the Temple of Wine a tool among others",
André Chatonnet says..

The barrel storehouse.

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