Our Wines


Haut-Chaigneau has been subject of continuous improvements for thirty years. Nowadays it has the best vines and the classic balance of the area.

  • The MERLOT NOIR for roundness and fleshy

  • The CABERNET SAUVIGNON for aroma and strength

  • The CABERNET FRANC for delicacy and complexity

  • The MALBEC for taste's deepness and aromatic intensity

Each plot is harvested at maximum ripeness and fermented separately, using the most up-to-date techniques, without abandoning the traditional methods that remain the heart of fine wine production in Bordeaux.

Meticulous gathering combines the best vintages to get the estate's greatest wine : Haut-Chaigneau Cuvée Prestige.

The wine is 12-18 month aged in oak barrels in an undergroung cellar specially designed for harmonious aging.

It is necessary to visit these installations amazing by their cleanness,discipline,beauty. They show a continuous research of quality.
Every step is carefully performed : selecting cork, oak for barrels, bottling techniques,keeping an optimum temperature. Nothing is left to chance.

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