Recipes that put the spotlights on wine
by Francis Goullee
Château La Sergue
Rost foie gras escalope with cabbage

Soak into fresh milk during 24 hours an entire fresh foie gras, without hurting it nor taking off the nerves.

One hour before mealtime, take the foie gras off from milk, carefully dry it.

Put four cabbage leaves in a big saucepan of salty water and stop the burner from boiling.

During the aperitif, roll up cabbage leaves, put them in a lightly buttered dish and set it into the oven during five minutes, cabbage must remain crunchy.

Then cut the foie gras into thick slices, put them into an anti-sticking burning hot pan and just let them get colored.

On a hot dish put the foie gras escalopes on a hot cabbage leaves cushion. Put the pepper mill and the salt on the table so as everyone can season according to his taste.

Serve with a Château La Sergue wine, young and lively , it will enhance this dish.
Château Haut-Chaigneau
Calve's sweetbreads with château Haut-Chaigneau wine

For this recipe you need imperatively fresh calve's sweetbreads.

Cook the calve's sweetbreads during 35 minutes in a bouillon flavoured with onions, carrots, leeks,thyme, bay-tree, peppercorns, cloves stuck in the onion, vervain leaves. Salt appealing to your taste.

Keep aside the vegetables of the bouillon, cool the calve's sweetbreads, carefully peel them and put them in a dish covered by a cloth.

Pour into a saucepan a very young Haut-Chaigneau wine, bring it to the boil, flambé it carefully so as no alcohol remains. Add the vegetables and simmer the sauce to reduce it. Thicken gently. Do not put any wheat because the starch of the vegetables is enough. Taste the sauce and if it seems to appear too acid, then add some sugar and let it simmer during 30 minutes.

Remove the vegetables from the sauce, add some onions, 200 gr cubes of streaky bacon, put the hot calve's sweetbreads on a hot dish and baste them with the sauce.

Serve on hot plates.

Drink a Château Haut-Chaigneau wine with the meal.
Château L'Archange
Beef fillet with marrow and Archange wine.

Ask your butcher a tournedos piece for each person,preferably some eight-day-old Charolais and two narrowbones.

For the sauce, use a half bottle of an Archange wine that you will flambé, add 200gr shallot, minced chicken legs. Put them into the wine and let it reduce.If the sauce appears to be too acid, add some sugar.

Break the bones with a hammer with brief and repeated knocks to get the entire rolls of narrow. Cut the narrow into 2cm-thick rounds, one for each tournedos piece. Place them into the fridge. Before serving, let them get coloured in a dry pan and season them with salt and pepper.

Make a big fire of (preferably) dry wine shoot and grill the tournedos during five minutes for each side so that the meat remains rare.

At the last moment, put the tournedos on a very hot dish, add the very hot narrow slices on each piece, baste them with the sauce and pour the rest of the sauce into a sauceboat on the table.

Hot plates are essential, my favourite vegetables with this wine and this meal are Chinese artichokes ou salsify fritters, which lightly sweet taste will delight you.

Drink some Château l'Archange wine with this meal.