Château l'Archange

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The originality and the exceptional quality of this vineyard was greeted dices its launch by all the professionals of the world of the wine in particular by James Suckling du Wine Spectator in 2001 (92-94/100). Since, the years 2001, 2002 were respectively dedicated to the archangels Raphaël, the angel of the cure, and Michel, the symbol of the power of the Light.


1,20 hectare

Siliceous-clay with a clay and pure molasse subsoil on sandy Saint-Emilion glacis. This vineyard was drained and reshaped.


100% Merlot noir


22 years old


18 months in oak barrels in an underground cellar specially designed for ageing fine wine.


416 cases


As they were far from the main concerns of Néac (Chaigneau) at Lalande de Pomerol the wines from St Emilion had never been the the subject of a specific marketing.

Aware of soil's potentialities -Cheval Blanc and La Dominique to the north, Chauvin and Rol Valentin to the East, La Gomerie to the south, Figeac to the west- Pascal CHATONNET was concerned about signing a new CHATONNET wine at St Emilion.

In 2000, dawn of the 21th century, using muticulous cares for vine growing, control of production, personalized wine making processes, Pascal CHATONNET placed Château l'Archange (AOC St Emilion) under the protection of the angels of superior order who form the heavenly court of the Lord and serve as messengers between god and the men.

The 2000 vintage, which we hope to be the first of an innumerable series, was dedicated to Gabriel Archange (God's strength in Hebrew), the herald archange (Gabriel nuncius).

Gabriel appears three times in the Bible: at Daniel's book 8-9 (Old Testament), Luc's Gospel 1, 11-20 and 1, 28-38 (New Testament). The angel presents himself in the second passage, announcement to Zacharie: "I am Gabriel; i stay in the presence of God". Before listening to his message we have to dwell on this name and this role. Gabriel's name means "God's strength", "Hero of God" and is part of angels who can contemplate god's face. But Gabriel "Hero of God" is his messenger too. The message is the unique and unsurpassable Good News: God becomes one of us, transforms our condition, he saves us. The message , the double announcement to Zaccharie and Marie is accompanied by a creation, a new world.
"Do not worry no more" said Gabriel to each one of them. His first word for Marie, in a way the first one of the Gospel, is "Be delighted". But beware of the consequences for those who, as Zaccharie, doubt about the word of the angel.

Not only Gabriel announces but he also explains,he answers the questions of Zacharie and Marie, he interprets Daniel's visions : the ram and the goat, the 70 weeks prophetie..."Here i am now to open up your intelligence". Gabriel is also the one who dictated the Coran to Mahomet and guided Tobie to the Mèdes country. Guide and admirable teacher, he invites us to our vocation for teaching, senses developing for competence, conscientiousness and patience.

Originality and exceptional quality of that wine were greeted by all the professionals in the field of wine and especially in 2001 by James Suckling in the Wine Spectator (92-94/100). Since that time, 2001 and 2002 vintages have been respectively dedicated to Raphael Archange, recovery angel, and Michel, symbol of strength of Light upon Darkness.

Do not doubt upon the angel's word.
Do not worry, be delighted, learn how to discover the qualities of Château l'Archange,
the first one of a long series at St Emilion , and you will be rewarded.